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Customs clearance of spare parts

ترخیص لوازم یدکی از گمرک

Customs clearance of spare parts

All appliances used in homes, workplaces and workshops will need spare parts and accessories over time. Usually, affiliate companies and manufacturers of spare parts for those devices should be used to provide spare parts for those devices.

You may be wondering why we do not produce our own parts and spare parts. It should be said that the production of some spare parts will require special raw materials that do not exist in our country, and if we want to import them, the manufacturer it faces huge costs and the need for initial capital. Therefore, the government with its trade policies tries to encourage traders to import spare parts from customs and thus meet the needs.

Importation of spare parts

Spare parts are of the goods that has the largest share in imports in the country. It can be said that due to the large imports of industries and spare parts, it can be said that the production and purchase of this type of tool is one of the basic needs in society. But as it was said, the cost of producing spare parts is much more than buying and importing it, so we import spare parts to meet the needs of society.

But as you know, the import of spare parts and any kind of goods requires familiarity with the method of customs clearance and customs formalities so that the goods can be cleared in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. According to the above, the clearance of spare parts from customs is one of the basic needs in society and according to the circulars sent by the relevant organizations and bodies, this product should be traded so that you do not have any problems in the customs during the customs formalities and clearance of the goods.

Customs clearance of spare parts

Given that various political and economic factors and even international law affect trade and commerce between countries and possible sanction or restriction on the clearance of goods, it is necessary before trading a variety of goods to get familiar with the regulations, circulars, and notices in that field.

The stages to clear spare parts from customs

The steps and documents required for the import and clearance of spare parts from customs are the same as for other goods. But it is necessary to know that before doing business and clearance of goods, as mentioned before, you should read the directives and laws so that you can get the required licenses and documents from the required organizations and organs.  Spare parts traders must act in accordance with the rules and prepare the required licenses for all their imported parts, in general, all imported spare parts must be approved by the country’s standard organization.

Documents required for clearance of spare parts

After completing the process of obtaining a license for the clearance of spare parts, you will need the documents that will be announced below so that you can easily perform customs affairs for the clearance of goods. Among the documents required for the clearance of spare parts, we can mention clearance, declaration, bill of lading, insurance policy, warehouse receipt, certificate of origin, laboratory documents, proforma invoice, invoice, packing list, etc.

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