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?How and with what documents customs clearance of bolts and nuts is done

ترخیص پیچ و مهره از گمرک

How and with what documents customs clearance of bolts and nuts is done?

Bolts and nuts are of the important needs in our country, so that about 70 to 80% of bolts and nuts are imported. 90% of these bolts and nuts are imported from China and 10% from Taiwan. According to the needs of the country in various industries, the import of this product is the only way to meet those needs. Because the large production of this commodity is not so cost-effective for the country, it is necessary to know that government currencies are not provided for this commodity.

Why the bolts and nuts are mostly imported from China?

China’s trade policy, which is friends with our country, is a reason for importing all kinds of goods, especially bolts and nuts to Iran. China has continued its trade with us, regardless of sanctions against Iran, this has led to the expansion of trade between Iran and China.

Different types of bolts and nuts

Among the different types of bolts and nuts we can name:

  • Machine bolts and nuts
  • Washers used in power plants and refineries
  • Bolts and nuts for mdf
  • Steel and iron bolts and nuts
  • Screw thread for wood
  • Ball Screw
  • Screw thread for iron
  • Match bolts and nuts
  • Bolts and nuts for construction industry
  • Wing screw nuts
  • Bolts and nuts for petrochemical industry
  • Bolts and nuts of power plant industries
  • Steel bolts and nuts
  • Steel washers used in heavy structures

For more information on importing different types of bolts and nuts, follow us in the rest of this article.

Customs tariff for customs clearance bolts and nuts

Customs tariffs for the clearance of bolts and nuts are different depending on the type of material and its function, for example, customs tariffs for nut and bolts are different. We will explain more about this in the following.

The customs tariff code for the clearance of automatic bolts and nuts is 73181410.

The customs tariff code for some bolts and nuts is 73181510.

The tariff code for nuts clearance is 73181610.

How to clear bolts and nuts from customs

In order to clear any goods from customs, you need to be familiar with the rules, regulations and circulars issued for the clearance of that type of goods so that you do not have any problems during the clearance of the goods. Because the costs associated with the purchase of goods, as well as the type of order registration and the complexities that exist in this regard, make it difficult for traders to perform customs formalities. You can also get help from customs clearance experts in this field to clear the goods so you will reduce costs of clearance and waste of time. The process of customs clearance of bolts and nuts is the same as the process of customs clearance of other goods and requires obtaining licenses that according to the circulars sent by government organizations and agencies, you must obtain

Stages for clearance of goods

The clearance steps are the same for all goods and include registration of declaration, cottage, control and evaluation of goods, receipt of licenses, review of tariffs, receipt of clearance document, receipt of bill of lading, warehousing of goods, etc. Newly, to clear the goods, you must proceed from the cross-border trade window.

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