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?How and by what documents is it possible to do the clearance of goods from Qatar

ترخیص کالا از قطر

How and by what documents is it possible to do the clearance of goods from Qatar?

Another of Iran’s trading partners is Qatar, in order to do business with this country you should have some information about its politics, economy, geography and even culture, laws and regulations, so that you can easily and without facing a problem in clearing goods from Qatar.

Geographical position of Qatar

Above all, it is important to know that Qatar is one of the southern neighbors of our country, which has land routes with Saudi Arabia. Qatar is located in the southernmost part of West Asia in the Middle East. Its borders, as mentioned, include land borders with Saudi Arabia and sea borders with Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and so on.

Qatar’s economic position

It should be noted that before discovering oil reserves, Qatar used to earn money through the trade of pearls, oysters and various seafood products, but after the discovery of oil and gas resources and the start of trade, and in this regard it has become the richest country in the Arabian Peninsula. Because with the revenues from the sale of oil and natural gas, it has the highest per capita income among other Arab countries. With these interpretations, it can be said that the Qatari government is the third country with oil and natural gas reserves after Iran and Russia.

Customs rules for trade and commerce with Qatar

Laws and regulations are one of the most important information in trade and commerce with countries, because in order to do profitable trade, you must have sufficient knowledge about the customs laws and regulations. One of the most important rules for trade and commerce with Qatar is knowing the rules related to Qatar customs offices. It is important to know that all countries engaged in trade and commerce have several ports and customs to speed up import and export. One of the important issues in Qatari customs is the safe value of goods. Therefore, no duties are collected from goods imported to Qatar, we should consider that estimating trade costs is one of the most important issues for traders and merchants.

Qatar customs laws

Based on Qatar customs regulations traders can easily calculate their payments and have more control over their capital. This country has several customs offices that are properly organized for the clearance of goods. Given the above, Iranian and Qatar businessmen are very willing to cooperate with each other. On the other hand, Qatar has trade opportunities and routes in the Middle East and has many sea routes with Iran, so the two countries can easily trade with each other. Another issue that would be important for traders is that, the customs tariff on goods in Qatar is not high and accounts for about five percent of imported goods.

Iran-Qatar Cooperation Agreement

One of the important things you need to know about trade with Qatar is that the two countries (Iran and Qatar) have signed a cooperation agreement. As mentioned, under the Iran Treaty, which was written between 1975 and 1980, all the countries that were present at the time of writing this agreement have agreed that customs duties in Qatar, Iran, the Persian Gulf countries and the Arabian Peninsula are the same. According to this agreement, no additional tax amount will be received in Qatar and Iran for the clearance of goods, except for the agreed 5%. This agreement also includes other countries of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman. The purpose of this contract is to expand trade and strengthen trade and imports and exports. The agreement also states that in free trade zones, each country does not pay for customs duties and customs clearance.

Qatar Imports and Exports

As mentioned, Qatar is the largest exporter of oil and natural gas in the region, but it supplies most of the products it needs through imports from other countries of the world. Iran is also one of the countries that exports many of the goods needed by this country, including goods, among these goods we can refer to metals and all industries that are needed for construction, including iron, steel, beams, and metal. These products also include meat products as livestock and live animals.  I would like to point out that all chemical products are among the goods that are imported to Qatar from Iran and are cleared through the customs of this country as soon as possible and without any problems.

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