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?What are customs violations and what do they include

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What are customs violations and what do they include?

Today, one of the most common topics in the field of trade and commerce is customs violations and many people are involved in it. It is important to know that customs duties are a source of income for governments. And since customs are the country’s entry and exit routes for all types of goods, there may be violations regarding payment of taxes. In some cases, these violations will occur in the context of customs procedures, which are called extra-criminal violations.  Customs violations and customs duties are divided into two types, general and specific, which we will examine in the following.

What is customs?

In order to get acquainted with customs violations, you must first get acquainted with the concept of customs first. Customs is a government agency that implements the approved laws regarding the collection of duties and taxes and the manner of exit and entry of goods into the country. As mentioned, customs duties have a general and specific meaning, in general sense it does not include financial aspect, and we will discuss its legal benefits. Among the advantages of general customs duties, we can mention the right to visit the consignments, open the packages and see the contents inside it, and obtain the specifications of the goods and sample the goods, these privileges are for the individuals and institutions who benefit from those products. The specific sense of customs duties can be considered the import duty, which has an absolutely financial aspect and is subject to indirect taxes.

What does customs violation mean?

All activities that are contrary to customs rules and regulations are called customs violations. Among the customs violations contrary to customs laws, we can mention non-declaration, in this way we have undeclared goods among the declared goods, in some cases, customs and customs duties and taxes of undeclared goods are less than customs duties and importation taxes of declared goods. The next case for customs violations can be referred to practical action, if the goods are forgiven or cleared through customs without submitting a declaration. If the goods are discovered while leaving the customs warehouses or after leaving the customs warehouses, this action is considered against the law.

Another case for customs violations is the declaration of authorized goods instead of other authorized goods that have higher customs duties and taxes. The next case is a violation of regulations or in other words disciplinary violations. These types of violations are known as regulatory violations and do not cause financial harm to the government. Examples of violations that are associated with financial losses for the government include mentioning the name of another country instead of the country of origin of the goods. This amount is determined and received at the discretion of the head of the local customs office.

What is the main source of customs violations?

According to the customs laws in Iran, in addition to obtaining customs duties and tariffs, other amounts are collected under different titles from the people who import the goods. These cases increase the cost of imported goods, and traders commit customs violations to escape this situation.

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