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What should a customs lawyer be aware of?

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What should a customs lawyer be aware of?

The customs lawyer, as its name suggests, must be aware of all its customs and administrative affairs, clearance procedures, and the types of documents and stages of clearance of goods from all customs in order to be able to properly manage and solve the problems that occur during customs clearance. Dear merchants, you can minimize the clearance time by using customs lawyers.

What does it mean to have a power of attorney in customs matters?

A power of attorney is a type of document according to which a lawyer can perform all legal affairs and clearance of goods assigned to him without the presence of the owner of the goods or the trader. Having a power of attorney from the trader in the clearance operation, the owner of the goods no longer needs to be present and all customs formalities can be easily completed without any problems.

What are the duties of a customs lawyer?

The duties of customs lawyer are not limited to doing the clearance of goods and completing customs formalities, he/she has duties such as payment of customs duties, signing the documents in offices, completing the declarations, preparing the related lists in order to do the clearance and presenting those lists, receiving receipts of goods, defending rights of his/her client, the owner of goods, in case of customs disputes and attending in commissions to settle the disputes. As it is mentioned due to using customs lawyers you will accelerate the processes of customs formalities and reduce the costs, since by giving power of attorney to a customs lawyer he/she will complete all formalities. But you should also consider that your lawyer needs to be aware of all of customs clearance procedures.

With a competent customs lawyer, you will no longer worry about solving the possible problems you may come across after the clearance of goods. Even with a customs lawyer, the necessary legal advice in all areas of customs will be done for you and you will not have a problem in customs clearance.

In what cases are customs lawsuits filed?

Customs is a government organization and has laws for the entry and exit of goods and duties and taxes on commercial goods and transit and transshipment of goods, which will cause problems in case of non-compliance with its laws and regulations. For this purpose, a commission has been set up to deal with your problems in order to deal with customs matters and lawsuits, which deal with problems such as tariffs, customs disputes, illegal trade of goods, illegal trade of currencies, fines, customs regimes, frauds, storage of goods in customs warehouses, customs law and international treaties, etc. It is worth noting that the ruling on customs disputes is binding on the committee. For this reason, it is better to get help from someone who is skilled in this field to do customs affairs.

Soltan Yaghoot Co. Ltd.

Commerce has been one of the most profitable and difficult affairs since a long time ago. Of course, today, with the constant change and change of laws in this field, this matter has become more difficult and specialized and requires cooperation with an expert person. Otherwise, you will have problems clearing goods due to changes in the political and economic laws of the countries.

Soltan Yaghoot Company with years of experience in providing specialized commercial services is ready to cooperate with you. The main services of this trading company are foreign exchange remittance, transportation of goods, transit and transshipment, clearance of goods from all customs, etc. If you cooperate with experienced customs clearance specialists in performing customs formalities and clearing all kinds of goods, your goods will be cleared through customs as soon as possible and at the lowest cost. If you want to get more information or cooperate with our company in the field of customs clearance of various goods, please contact the following telephone numbers:

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